Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Extreme Kerry Makeover!

Is it just me or is the John Kerry I see today a totally different person from the guy we saw over the past year? What happened to Lurch?
He now has the cute little JFK smile. He hugs and kisses John Edwards like a drowning man hugging a life guard. (Or .... I guess I won't go there this time!) He is the "only" candidate who can save us from the terrorists, he will save the economy, he will give us health care, etc..... Wow, it is really going to be great.

The Democrat machine has moved into top gear. Given a "week" to rebuild the candidate - who cares who he really is - thousands of liberal "contractors" and "designers" are working through the nights to re-build the image. Using every tool in their arsenal they have completely demolished the old Kerry and presented us with a new glitzy "nice guy" who is "smart too" and by the way is a war hero also (four months in Vietnam - wow! Since that experience he has vigorously opposed all and any efforts by the USA to maintain an adequate defense.) This "image" is not going to help our image in the world, our economy stay strong, or stop terrorists from killing us or our children.

I hope my fellow Americans can see through the "Emperors New Clothes." It is not a pretty sight!

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