Thursday, October 21, 2004

Last Best Hope for Mankind!

This diatribe was inspired by an article in the New Yorker magazine - link below.

The New Yorker: Fact

This is a good, but long article. I think you will find in interesting regardless of your political "persuasion!" Maybe you want to read it first then my comments which follow.

After all is said and done, the "anyone but Bush," the choice to go to war in Iraq, the loss of jobs and the economy, the bigger and much more important question is where is America going in this century? This New Yorker article addresses my greatest fear; that we are being manipulated by billionaire "World Government" advocates. These isolated elitists, secretive Council of Foreign Relations members, and liberals (with a small 'L') have made every effort to sway the American people and may succeed because they have rallied the uninformed radical college, ethnic and union groups and are scaring Seniors.

The main stream media, always Liberal, have leaned over so far to the left that Rather, Koppel, others and some major news corporations may not survive unless Kerry is elected. Fair and Balanced! Who will ever trust the news media again. The Swift Boat Vets have been attacked from every quarter and personally intimidated as have many others. Lawsuits are being filed willy-nilly! Don't tell me about the Nazis - they started out the same way.

Should these manipulators succeed, we not only will be subordinate to the likes of the UN but moguls like Soros will clear the battlefield so that they can gain even more financial and social power. This is not the America I stand for. There is a good reason why Presidents have be native born Americans. Foreigners like Soros (and me) come from different cultures and have significantly different attitudes and experiences. What is good about America is the openness of the people, the kindness that many practice, the feeling that all good things are possible and the freedom to be and express oneself. Europeans, South Africans and the rest of the world have not experienced this in any significant period. We Americans would be fools to subject ourselves to the Europhiles!
While George Bush nor many Republicans are by any means the perfect choice; the war sucks; spending is almost out of control; we seem to be drifting; nonetheless, this can be fixed and we can preserve the real America which is still the "best hope for mankind!" We may be "gun slinging" cowboys but that is just an icon of what Americans stand for. The cowboy on his big white horse is symbolic of who we are and he can still save the day! This election has divided our country more than any other event since the Civil War. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

How can we preserve our way of life, our friendships, our prosperity? – the future is balancing on a knife edge.

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