Friday, November 05, 2004

They still don't get it!

Throughout his presidency I detested the man. His slimy southern accent, kissing babies and going to church regularly is all a facade. He is renown for crooked dealings and manipulating events to suit his agenda. He squandered the fiscal legacy of his predecessor and sent waves of jobs overseas. Every time something negative occurred in his presidency he diverted attention by directing our military to attack someone with cruise missiles. He has the morals of an ally cat and does not give a damn what others think because he knows he can talk his way out of it. I'll give you a hint - it's not George Bush. I put up with the bastard for eight years and I survived! It's the liberals turn now for at least another twelve years!

The Clinton legacy still hangs over this country like a fog bank. Never Again! Gore, Kerry, Hillary, - any one of these "liberal democrats will fail to get support in this country. These wealthy barons living in their Westchester mansions are out of touch with this nation. Their image is derived from the media propagandists and the American people have begun to realize that they are being manipulated. The Democratic party will continue to fail unless it completely re-invents itself. Aucliff, Clinton, Dodd, Carville, Lockhart, Gore, and their entourages must go (far, far away hopefully!) The pre-Dukakis, old Democratic party's values may find a place in the country but I doubt there is anyone in the current party who remembers what they where.

Religion or sexual preference are not what it's about. It's about patriotism, family values, compassion, the economy, and individual security. Iraq has been defused as an issue in this country. Bush has a mandate to sort them out and our guy's will take care of it now. As to the Europhiles - if the news media did not have their own agenda they would have revealed the depth of France, Germany and Russia's financial involvement with Saddam. The elite intellectuals love affair with Europe drives the direction of liberal thinking in this country. Note the emphasis on European reaction to the election. Guess what? Real Americans don't care!!

Remember the old phrase; "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

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