Monday, April 18, 2005

Illegal Aliens 2

We have all met them in our daily lives. Usually, friendly people who don't speak much, if any English. They have a shy smile and seem to be nice, just trying to make a living. And many are, but they are here in our country illegally. Why does this matter? The USA, "America" as most outsiders call it is hated and revered at the same time. The image of a great standard of living is conveyed to the world through TV, movies and magazines. Who wouldn't want to live here? Many hate us for what we are and have while many others choose to come and live here, some at any cost

For very good reasons we have established laws which regulate the inflow of outsiders "aliens" if you will. I know because I am one. Legal that is! Before being granted the privilege of living permanently in the USA one is required to pass rigorous health and police checks as well as prove that one has financial means so as not to become a burden to American citizens. A quota system has been established and millions of qualified immigrants wait patiently for their turn to come. Some family members of US citizens fifteen or more years for the privilege.

Granting illegal immigrants access to our country is not only unfair but an invitation to serious trouble. It is against the laws of our country and it is also bigoted and crooked. It places the rest of us at risk in many ways. Millions of people who cross the borders without going through the visa process are uneducated, unhealthy and for many crime was, and is, a way of life. How can any sane person agree to allow this to happen?

Conventional wisdom, albeit racist and bigoted, has it that "they only take jobs that Americans don't want to do themselves." The last time this country followed that approach people were imported to pick cotton, and that didn't work out very well for anyone! It is said that the borders are so long that we can't manage the inflow. And yet, once across the border a forged social security card can be bought and they live and work anywhere without much risk because of lethargy in enforcing the law. There are more and more reports of gangs of illegal persons operating drug and protection rackets. Estimates of ten billion dollars per year seem to be realistic in the extra cost to manage and support these illegal people. Hundreds of thousands have been released back into the general population after being ordered deported, many declared criminals.

These people are living in the shadows of our country. There are now many communities that are overwhelmingly populated by illegals and yet they are not a part of America. They know that someday they may be found and possibly deported. This makes them vulnerable to exploitation and worsens the corruption and crime for everyone involved. The LA Times and other mainstream media advocate allowing these people to stay. Our TV media plays on our conscience to make us feel sorry for these people. We, citizens and voters, allow this all in the name of being humane. I suggest it is more humane to make it very difficult to come to this country illegally in the first place.

Borders can be tightened. The Border Patrol will take their jobs more seriously if they know they have full support of the people. Give local police the tools to enforce the laws of the country everywhere. Many cities disallow police enforcement of the immigration laws, for example Los Angeles. This is crazy; selective enforcement of laws leads to corruption and lawlessness. Make it a requirement that employers and schools check identities including citizenship. Since 9/11 it has become essential that all citizens have identity documents. They are available now, I know I got a North Carolina drivers license last year and had to prove my identity and citizenship. Levy heavy fines on those knowingly using illegal workers; it's against the law!

If you doubt that this is a real problem look at many countries in Western Europe inundated with uncontrolled immigrants. Unemployment is rife, violent crime and welfare costs are an increasing burden. We in the US are more vulnerable because of the huge pressure of people south of our border. Burgeoning population is happening here and unless our politicians and the voters come to their senses it can only worsen.

How far out of touch with reality can ex-governor Hunt and our congressional representatives be to be initiating reduced tuition for illegals? How about all of the legal American candidates for our schools in this state? Should they not have a shot at this deal? There are several bills being pushed now in Washington that would provide illegal immigrants with some form of "work permit" for a limited period. How can we be sure they will leave when supposed to? What is being done to stop the constant ongoing flow while our representatives grant amnesty to those already here?

Illegal immigrants are bad for our country and this effort to "legalize" them seems to be nothing more than a benefit for business, allowing them to continue using cheap and exploitable labor. Maybe, just maybe, there are some votes and campaign financing to be had.

Although I strongly supported the Republicans in the last election, as far as I am concerned this is a deal breaker; - I will oppose any politician, Democrat or Republican who supports any bill that attempts to make illegal persons, legal.

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