Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Dark Force approaches

In the next few months, maybe weeks, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will probably retire. Justice Rehnquist is not in good health. The struggle going on in Congress right now about “nuclear options” and “filibuster’s” is the low key indication of what is really happening. This is a defining moment in our history for this country. What happens here in the immediate future will determine how we live for the rest of our lives. It’s not a life or death issue, however it speaks huge volumes as to whether we will live our lives as free Americans or subject ourselves to the more socialistic “World Government” approach.

The Supreme Court is one of three legs of government and has as much impact on the long term quality of our daily lives as does Congress or the Presidency. A liberal court, or equally as bad, a weak court will continue to set direction that is not in keeping with our Constitution and is swayed more toward the “politically correct” expediencies of the day. The court recently handed down a decision striking down the execution of juveniles guilty of heinous crimes on the basis of “the overwhelming weight of international opinion.” Do you want the outside world – whoever they may be – dictating your safety? The massive, orchestrated attacks being made against Christianity under the guise of separation of church and state are another example of how liberals are using a weak Supreme Court to their own ends. God knows! I am not the one to be defending religion but we must see through these attacks; remember there is no room for religion in Socialism.

We cannot allow opinions of other countries to unduly influence our lives. Most of the world strongly resent Americans! A good example is this recent statement made by a Danish film director in Cannes, “Von Trier said, "Mr. Bush is an a**hole. So much in Denmark is American. We are a nation under influence. America fills about 60 per cent of my brain. So, in fact, I am American. But I can't go there to vote and I can't change anything, because I am from a small country.” This is a mild example of the disdain, hate and resentment felt by most of the outside world. And no, we can’t win them over to our side. It’s not “our side” they want; they want us to give up “our side” and live just like them!

The liberal media, as usual, manipulate our information and opinions by wrapping up the issues in cute analogies and captions. Hence the new add appearing on CNN in some areas; -’s “Revenge of the Frist” A silly puppet show with a Star War’s theme depicting Sen. Frist as the ultimate bad guy aimed at the mindless millions in the USA who do not give much thought to issues other than having fun! As part of this orchestrated attack, Dingy Harry Reid opined in the congress this week; “"When Americans think of a scary person in a black robe, they should be thinking of Darth Vader, not Republicans' choices for judges. But what the Republican leadership is attempting to do is to pack the courts with judges far out of the mainstream of American values." --Imperial Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, under the influence of the Dark Side.” credit -

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