Friday, May 27, 2005

The Decline of politics

It is amazing and maybe a little sad to watch the decline of the Democratic Party in recent years. Once a party of liberty and rights for the common man it has now become a gang of bullies and obstructionists doing everything they can to attack Pres. Bush and the Republican Party with total disregard for the needs and urgent business of the country.

Obviously, there has always been infighting and maneuvering by both parties to move their agendas forward. Many tales can be told of subtle deals and political manipulation to gain political ends. However we now see down and dirty schoolyard behavior from the Democratic leaders. Harry Reid calls the President of the United States a “Loser!” The chairman of the Democratic Party, in the midst of his ranting and raving, publicly states that Tom Delay should be in jail! Democratic Senators force endless delays by filibustering and cry “wolf – the nuclear option” when the majority threaten to change the rules to stop the abuse. And so on, when will it end?

Just like Saddam’s army, having lost the war, these people are fighting an insurrection at a terrible cost to the country as a whole. The democratic process in America has elections at which the people make their will known, whether the political parties or the elite media like the results or not – rightly or wrongly. This is how our democracy works! The minority party brings some balance but the majority party has the responsibility and mandate to run the country. The election is over – take down your Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers – they lost and won’t be back. Let those who the people elected get on with it!

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