Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Airbase Aliens

When I heard Congressman David Price in a recent radio interview implying that he may give consideration to contractors and businessman when it comes to enforcing the law against illegal immigrants I became very concerned.
I hope he is now disturbed by the recent incident at Seymore Johnson Airbase where a contractor allowed 49 un-documented aliens on a US military facility? Any one of these illegal aliens could have sabotaged or spied on our facility and may have gained access to weapons and explosives.
Obviously N.C. Labor Commissioner Ms. Cherry Berry and her subordinate, Allen McNeely don’t get it yet! They apparently feel it unfair to arrest these individuals.
Frank Whitney, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, whines that there is not sufficient funding to prosecute the hundreds of thousands of illegal people in this state.
These people are breaking our laws just like thieves and drug dealers. Does Attorney Whitney get to choose what crimes to prosecute? There are millions of legal immigrant applicants who have been waiting years for access to this country.
The US Government set a worldwide limit of about 227,000 family based visas in 2004. Of these there are about 50,000 preferential visas granted to certain countries on a “diversity” basis. They are now processing applications for family members of U.S. citizens who were approved in 1992 in many cases. Yet we see reports that hundreds of thousands of aliens cross our borders illegally monthly!
Is this American justice!
Why do our elected officials give preference to illegals and place barriers before legal immigrants?

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