Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Sell Out?

Illegal immigration is changing the culture and living standards in the USA and will be a major issue in future elections. It seems that President Bush and the White House strategists, as well as many of our other legislators, are underestimating the concerns and fears of the American people in this regard. Not only conservatives but many democrats are now increasingly vocal against allowing this flood to continue or any widespread amnesty to be legislated.

The statistics speak for themselves, the border states are facing massive onslaughts of illegal people and seeing their economies plunging into ruin. Consequently, they are declaring “states of emergencies.” Gang activities are on the rise in our cities, pressures on the medical community are out of control and school systems are collapsing. Mexico is increasing it’s demands for compensation and lobbying for relaxed borders which are already porous.

Competition, greed and disregard for basic human rights is driving businesses to hire more illegal workers. These workers have no rights or protections and the businesses get cheap labor. We taxpayers are paying the piper! Unemployment among African American youth exceeds 14% in our state. Regardless of race, illegal workers are taking jobs from American kids and benefits from all of us.

The Democrats are now, and will continue to, exploit this issue and unless the White House rethinks it's approach this may well be the issue that unseats the Republicans. I doubt it will be Iraq. It is a shame that the party which stands for American ideals is the one that seems to be selling us down the river!

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