Saturday, December 24, 2005

Global Climate Change - it's your fault!

The UN climate talks in Montreal ended with no outcome other than to meet again in 2012 to discuss mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases. In the meantime the parties are going to explore future steps to combat climate change. The hubris of these environmental zealots knows no bounds.

While AP report cites “broad scientific consensus” that climate change is due to greenhouse gas emissions this claim has not been verified by independent, rigorous scientific analysis. The small rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may precede the small rise in temperature, or the rise in temperature may be causing a rise in CO2. Science has not determined the cause or been able to predict any outcome in climate change.

Much of the alarmist rhetoric comes from erroneous information included in the 2001 U.N. Third Assessment Report. Independent mathematicians and scientists have since uncovered the errors in the calculations used in this and other UN reports, nonetheless the environmental movement, having found their “Holy Grail,” now gathers periodically to worship the coming catastrophe! Politicians, industry, academia, and the media have all jumped onto the bandwagon to further their own agendas.

Even if there was any truth to this theory, Australian studies indicate the in order to reduce domestic greenhouse gases to a level where there can be no possibility of impact on the atmosphere all of us would have to change our way of life dramatically. Buying that hybrid car is not going to do it! We will have to reduce our lifestyles to village living; eliminating cities, industry, cars and trucks, aircraft, and all fossil fuel power generation just for starters. And we’ll have to get it done in the next decade because the climate is “out of control.”

There is no practical way the USA, or the world, could agree to the Kyoto protocol because adhering to the agreement would destroy the US and the Global economy. Regardless of why the Montreal talks failed, the next six years will give us time to get closer to the truth of this matter. Personally, I know a political agenda when I see one and don’t expect the prejudice to change regardless of the facts!

Click on Heading for Link to Michael Crichton’s excellent review on this subject.

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