Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Letter to the victims

Dear Terror Attack Victim,

I am writing to you with scant hope that you will respond, because I know you are dead. Things here in America are getting kinda crazy and I hoped that you may be able to give us the wisdom of your experience. After all, you were there when the bombs blew up, tearing your bodies apart, in far off lands like Kenya, Bali, Saudi, Israel, England, Spain and also here, in Oklahoma City and New York. You were going about your daily lives, innocently, when the murderers struck you down. You had not done anything to hurt these people. Why was your life forfeit so that they could make a point? You were the ones, mostly in the prime of life, with mothers and fathers and families who loved you and who you loved.... However, I digress.

We are embroiled in a dangerous struggle here, not only against the vicious murderers that killed and maimed you, but also against each other. Many here believe we are being too harsh, that we are giving up our civil liberties, that we should not have gone to war. These concerned citizens are being exploited by those who seek political power at any cost and they are attacking others who are doing all they can to stop further attacks and also to bring the perpetrators to justice.

How would you advise us? Should we do everything we can to stop these zealots who would destroy us? Or, should we pull back, restrain our forces, curb our intelligence gathering? Shall we trust these killers, who now hold back waiting while we weaken ourselves? We Americans are very naive and easily distracted. Time has passed and our memories of the terrible events have dimmed.

What were your last thoughts as you lay dying, broken and in terrible pain? Did you think we should surrender? Forgive them? What would you tell us to do now - if only you could?

Ian Goddard
Durham, NC

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