Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Civil War II

We are engaged in a civil war in the USA. This is war in the full definition of the term. It is a cold war - thus far! Huge propaganda machines like the New York Times cartel, and the liberal TV media are funded by massive amounts of money; some specifically aimed at providing the left wing forces with "ammunition" while much of it, in the form of advertising revenue is indirectly funding the adversaries. Because the vast majority of the TV media is left wing, they are receiving the biggest proportion of this money. The conservatives, less prepared, are staggering under the onslaught.

The average American goes about his or her daily business essentially oblivious to these struggles which are taking place all over this battlefield we call America. Americans have always been slow to accepting the fact that war is being imposed upon them. Since the civil war (and maybe because of it) Americans have been very reluctantly dragged into most conflicts. This, even though America has the resources to quickly and definitively settle any conflict if only we would stand together.

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