Thursday, February 07, 2008

Letter to Rush about McCain

Hey Rush! - Mega-ditto's!

Today we heard that Romney has suspended his run for presidency - your listeners flooded you with emails - some blaming you for the decline and fall of the party.  Well - how short their memories are!  The Republican party has been leaving conservatives in the ditch for many years now.   We all know that the failure of this party to take critical positions has plunged our country into the mess, cultural and economic, which we now find ourselves.

Your position on McCain is not new, nor is it seminal - many of us felt this way about him long before you publicly expressed your concerns - we know you have long shared the distaste for his positions and especially the way he allowed himself to be manipulated by the liberals.  I need not list the key and important issues where he has taken an anti-conservative position - we all know them.  He will continue to destroy our American way of life side by side with his liberal buddies.  But we need not worry - he will never be elected.  The libs will knock him off with a feather because he has no backbone.

So - if there is "blame" to be assessed for the collapse of the Republican party - I am proud to stand with you and be counted!  

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