Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wounded Nation

In case you think that we have problems here in the US you may want to consider the plight of South Africans who are experiencing the collapse of a great nation, which once had a very strong economy, into a third world, African morass.  The "barbarians" have squandered the promise which Nelson Mandela and many others fought and struggled for.  In no uncertain terms, South Africa was the "last best hope" for stabilizing Africa.  Her strong economy and, yes, democratic culture (notwithstanding apartheid) was a good example to other sub-Saharan nations - she was once the "Powerhouse of Africa."  That opportunity has now passed. 

What is the "Fate of Africa?"  It has been several generations since the colonial period ended.  Why is Africa actually devolving when compared to the rest of the world?

Some of the key mistakes that the new South African government has made are;
  • Equal opportunity - it a massive over-reaction to the apartheid laws of the past, the government passed laws requiring black majority ownership in most categories of business.  Even small companies are required to have black members of their board of directors.
  • Unprepared and uneducated people in key positions in business and government.  Corruption and nepotism are widely practiced with total disregard to experience, training and education.
  • Facilitating the weakening of the police.  Again, in reaction to the stringent enforcement of the apartheid laws the new police force is headed by politicians and is, not only weak, but totally corrupt. 
There are many other reasons for the collapse of South Africa's economy.  Check the link for first hand opinion.

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