Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be aware - This will change your life!

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an editorial opinion titled "Climate Reality Bites." John Warner and Joe Lieberman have sponsored a bill which arrives in the Senate next week.  This bill finally addresses Global Warming much to the satisfaction of the Liberals, Environmentalists  and the "outside world."  It is being lauded by Clinton, Obama and McCain.  They call this "landmark legislation." 

The WSJ calls it "the most extensive government reorganization of the American economy since the 1930's."   This is a huge regulatory bill which will give the government unprecedented power over how we live, what industries prosper, what we eat, what we drive, just to mention a few of the impacts.  

This bill is getting favorable press from most of the main-stream media - albeit hidden by the fascination with Scott McCellan's book.  Although the WSJ points out that Bush will veto it, it nonetheless sets the stage for the next president to push it through.  And we already know how that's going to go!

More than thirty thousand qualified scientists - nine thousand of them PHD's - recently declared that they do not subscribe to human caused global warming.  We have seen ten years of no increase in global temperature.  The facts are being ignored.

Is this bill the real reason for the massive push to address "global warming?"  Controlling the population?  I know - here I go again.  You figure it out!

The WSJ opinion ends with "If Americans are going to cede this much power to the political class, they at least ought to do it knowing the price they will pay."  We need to pay attention! Our lives and the lives of our children will be significantly altered should this bill pass.

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