Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Brave New World

 Thank God!  It’s over – or at least a part of it’s over.  Obama and Clinton can now change their propaganda approach and instead of pretending to be opposed to each other – they now can embrace each others position.  Still, we continue to see the ominous march of the forces of evil spreading over the countryside and through the cities.  Under the banner of  “democracy, freedom for all, end of racism and sexism” the Democrats, or Progressives, or really Socialists, spread their doctrines throughout the naïve and immature minds of modern Americans.

We march forward into a brave new world that will ensure that the poor are taken care of, the climate is managed, we will all be able to get all the health care we need and no one will have to go without.  America has never faced as grave a threat as it does now.  The Democrat's socialistic agenda teeters over us like a diseased tree about to fall.  Whatever combination of candidates the liberals choose, if they win the White House we will see unprecedented changes in the law, in our lives and more importantly, in the lives of generations to come.  Even if McCain were to be elected as President – highly unlikely – the liberal make up of the house and senate all but assures that the agenda will be very socialist.

Taxes must increase to pay for the handouts the liberals have promised.  They have the perfect scapegoat in Bush and the conservatives for years of “fiscal mismanagement and concessions to the rich and big business" for the economic depression which will follow.  The propaganda war against the American way of life will further embed the guilt which many Americans share for their "wasteful and indulgent" lifestyles.  Significant changes will take place in the makeup of the Supreme Court with maybe three or more retirements pending - replaced by socialist ideologues. This will further erode the Constitution and weaken the rule of law -  promoting the power of the “trial lawyer lobby” were justice is secondary and power and money is everything. How do you feel about John Edwards for Attorney General?

Some say Thomas Malthus was wrong.  They say that science saved mankind by producing enough food and facilities to compensate for the global explosion in population.  Not so, - if not for birth control, abortions, AIDS and other catastrophes the world population would be a huge problem today.  These are hardly solutions of choice for managing population are they?  Today environmentalists and others dance around concepts of a drastically lower world population being necessary to sustain our world.  Who decides who lives and who dies?  Who decides who is born?

Maurice Strong, an influential UN and Canadian politician, global businessman and considered by many, including himself, to be one of the world’s leading environmentalists, has declared that the only way to save the earth is to have a drastic reduction in population.  Is euthanasia going to be an option again?  It seemed a good idea at the turn of the 19th century when Roosevelt, Churchill, and notably, Hitler thought it was sensible under some circumstances!

This is the Brave New World the Democrats wish for us. 

Even if you have read these books - go back and read them again.  Aldous Huxley’s famous book 'Brave New World' or better yet, George Orwell’s '1984'.



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