Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shuffling Deck Chairs

We have a "perfect storm" of leadership crisis.  Essentially all of our conservative representatives are paralyzed by the overwhelming onslaught of the socialist agenda which is manifested in the seizure of the media, the schools, and the bureaucracy.  This has been a long time coming, but it's here now.  We, the people, have elected this bunch of thieves and fools (on both sides) and we are now getting what we deserve.  

The Iraq war as an issue has faded in contrast with the massive focus on "global warming."  This permeates every aspect of our policy and conventional wisdom.  It is the perfect excuse to control the people.  The economy, food, (ethanol) gas, (oil shortage) energy, (anti-nuclear and "pollution") and so on.  Any politician who attempts to take action against any of these is "destroying the earth" and is publicly disparaged and destroyed.  (And T. Boone Pickens wants to capture 20% of the wind in the world to solve the power crisis!!!!!)

I seriously believe that there is a controlling interest that is secretly exploiting these issues and attitudes.  Who are these people? - I don't know enough to be even coherent when trying to express my thoughts.  Nonetheless I can easily see an influential, powerful group loosely coordinating efforts to bring this crisis to us.  They believe that out of this crisis will come much greater government control, in the US and in the western world.  Why do they want this?  We, the western democratic peoples, have not exactly demonstrated any capacity for managing ourselves peacefully and equitably.  What better way to implement this "new order" than to destroy the capitalist manifesto through an economic depression - proving capitalism failed - and then replacing the system with big government.  Don't worry about health care, social security, etc. - Big brother will provide eventually!

I do not admire Iacocca much - But, I do think it's time for all thinking people to express their disgust and disagreement with the status quo!  I subscribe to his "throw the bums out!" approach.  Vote against every incumbent - we can't do any worse than we are already.  But most importantly - do something!  His analogy to the Titanic is one that has occurred to me a lot recently.  We are shuffling deck chairs!

In my short street here in Woodcroft there are now three vacant houses, my neighbor just made it four when his place was foreclosed yesterday.  A young couple who have a three year old and a baby on the way.  I am trying to take care of their cat who remained behind.  This just the start.

Are we naive (or just stupid) enough to think that the current offering of presidential candidates, who are flip flopping so fast that they are about to knock themselves off the tight rope they have strung for themselves, are going to save us?  Can this totally useless congress and senate do anything? Hardly!

Are the American people so spineless that we are going to allow this gross mismanagement by politicians and bureaucrats drive us out of our homes while we go and stand in soup lines?  Are we going to destroy the future for our children so that some robber barons can get filthy rich at the expense of our way of life?

I say distribute Iacocca's "manifesto" - Let's shout it from the roof tops and lets drag the bastards out and "tar and feather" them. (code term for "shoot them") I mean all of them.  Conservatives have had just as much opportunity to manage the country as the liberals - and they have squandered it.  "All are Punished!"  - Time for a fresh real conservative start or it's back to the bush! (No pun intended) 

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