Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Coronation

Today is the inauguration of Barack Obama.  To quote Roosevelt following the attack on Pearl Harbor - “this is a day which will live in infamy!“  America has set out on a path which will change this nation forever – for the worse.  Individual rights and freedoms are a thing of the past and we now are accepting rule by elites – most of whom remain in the shadows.  Similar to the old Soviet Union, this gang of criminals will divide up the riches of this nation and, keeping the very best for themselves, dole out the remnants to us, the “people.”  What we get will be subject to our complying with the will and whims of those in power – cronyism, leverage and bribery will be (already is) the way of the nation.

Although the media stress that this is not about "RACE" - their coverage is exclusively about the fact that this is the "first African American president."  Did we see such emphasis on the first Catholic?  What about the first Irishman, Italian, Soldier, Actor?  "Without MLK we would never have seen this day!" - What baloney!  MLK was a great leader but African Americans would have moved into the mainstream with or without him.  The coverage is almost exclusively on black Americans - there are a billion African Americans in DC today. Great, Wonderful - just admit this is what it's all about.  And it is not Obama that is the problem.  If he were white he would never have come this far and I would not be writing this. 

He is a Chicago crook and manipulator, with no experience in governing.  He is a puppet – his whole persona is manufactured by “PR” – it’s all hype!  He was elected because he is black and and because of a series of events; a war gone wrong, an economy strained by unrestrained political deficit spending, and a people who simply took their leadership, and sixty years of living well, for granted.  Socialists, who for decades have infiltrated government, education and the media, were finally able to sway public opinion with a massive propaganda campaign, and their lies and promises.  Young people, especially black Americans, were stimulated to get out and vote – and they did.  Few of them have a clue as to what or why – it was all about “change.” Will they now slink back into their mindless music, partying, sports and other diversions and leave control in the hands of the manipulators? Many will participate in the hundreds of liberal programs which have sprung up.  Especially the Climate Change issue.  In the process of embracing solar and wind power they will continue to destroy the economy following up on the very negative impact already seen due to corn based ethanol and automobile CAFE standards.

Looking back it is obvious that socialism would eventually prevail in the US.  There has been a concerted effort for one hundred years and the foundations have been deeply laid.  I always believed that man’s greed and avarice would ensure that capitalism would reign in this land and the constitutional laws established over two hundred years ago would protect the strong individualism and freedom that came from the founders of this nation. Humans can best survive when there is balance between these two forces – the will to survive and the laws that stop us from destroying anyone weaker than ourselves.  Socialism tilts the scales too far.

Obama’s agenda – it’s not really him alone of course, he does what he is told, - has it’s wings clipped to a large extent.  The sad state of the economy is forcing them to make difficult choices. The huge bailouts – which are mostly just political payoffs – will constrain some spending on the other major rip-offs like universal health care and global warming.  But there is still room for huge waste and the use of tax money to buy politicians and favors.  The real problem is that the economy is going to go from bad to worse.

We are all loosing our “wealth!”  Retirement funds are about half of what they were – and it can only get worse.  We live on my wife's salary, a small company pension, as long as the company survives, and “social security.”  Inflation is going to destroy our life styles.  We do not owe money on our house or cars – however we pay property and other tax, all of which are increasing.  My wife works mainly to provide us with health care insurance – the politicians will make it increasing expensive for business to provide employees with insurance so the everyone will be forced to participate in and contribute to poor government programs resulting in politicians with more control and us with lousy healthcare.

There is a remote possibility that in eight years the American people will muster some backbone and return to conservative values.  I doubt it – entrenched socialism digs deep and will be very difficult to overturn.  The short term future looks grim and long term looks worse.

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