Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letter to Pete on Global Warming


I guess what is really bothering me is that there is such a huge divide between the "believers" and the "deniers."  Gore et al really mean it when they say "the debate is over."  What a good way to make your case irrefutable!  "I just won't discuss it!"   Notwithstanding 31,000 accredited scientists assertion to the contrary -  Petition Project    There are volumes of other credible information and data that disprove the AGW claims.  I assume this is common knowledge. Many of my friends and acquaintances think global warming is a joke.  They don't take it seriously because it means nothing to them.  However the plans that are starting to pop up in congress are going to get people's attention. 

By simply ignoring this evidence and writing about the "cost" of the cap and trade and other population manipulations these pundits make the global warming scare seem more and more real - and unavoidable!   Are these people prepared to die for their lies?  When taxes become extreme and economies collapse some people are going to get really mad and start doing something about it and not just arguing and wringing their hands!

At least I hope they do - else we are into 1984 again!  

Tom circulated a link to The Auschwitz Album recently.  Beside the horror portrayed in the pictures one thing really struck me - these people being herded to their terrible deaths had no idea what the German government had in mind for them.  They were not happy, they were scared but they could not image that the government would willfully plan to kill millions of woman, children and men in this methodical way.  If they had known they would have run away screaming!!!! 

We are being manipulated in much the same way only with much more refined and sophisticated methods of propaganda and brainwashing.  "For the good of us all!"   Ultimately, if you accept the global warming scenario there is only one way to "save the world."   A large and fast population decline world wide.  Maurice Strong, a very influential behind the scenes UN ideologue,  proposed this thought - not a new one by the way; many others have dabbled with the idea including Hitler and other leaders at that time.  Strong now limits his goals to  "We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse."

I think he and his cadre of friends - including Gore, Kofi Anan, and George Bush, etc. are well on the way to achieving that goal.  Global Governance is on the way.  May our children and grandchildren survive it.


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