Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter to my friends

Hi Friends,

I feel "your pain" and I also am also having trouble living with the current state of affairs. I keep threatening Karen that we are going to move to Costa Rica - and when she objects I tell her it cannot be any worse than what we have here, or will have soon. And I'm serious.
I see two very clear points that I agree with completely in your note - we are under constant attack by this administration for being "racist!" Never mind that several very key administration positions have been filled with blacks - we dare not question these individuals actions without them screaming "racist." So - what a great position to be in - no one can challenge you - especially Obama - what part of "you're a lair" is racist?
Secondly, the apologies for being Americans are sickening. Obama has not changed any policy regarding Iraq or Afghanistan since Bush - not rendition, not Guantanamo, not "killing innocent civilians" nothing!! Why are he and his elitist gang apologizing! The USA sends $Billions to other countries - your points are right on! Americans are the most generous people in the world - what the heck do we have to be "sorry" about!
I am very proud of Reagan - he was a great president - imperfect - under constant attack, and elitist criticism - he did great! I disagree with you on Sarah Palin - she has the courage and pride to stand up and be counted even when under relentless attack by the huge oligarchy that has mobilized against America.
Obama is at best a figurehead. If you were a Sociologist and were asked to develop a plan to takeover, and makeover America, how would you do it? You have large financial resources - you can recruit large numbers of people, you already have socialist leaning major media heads who will support you. Set up an administration that you know shares these goals (many ex-Clinton) put "czars" in place to ensure that your agenda is focussed, create a financial crisis that allows you to take over major companies, turn some over to your "union" supporters, attack anyone making large amounts of money, put in place a health care plan that gives you control over peoples health and welfare, and establish laws that control "global warming" that require global governance to manage, and pay for it all with "cap & tax."
Open the borders to increase the portion of the population who will share your socialist views, push through "card-check" to force business to be organized again increasing your base. (Gee, I think this is the way the government in Orwell's book '1984' started - don't you?)
Why would you do all this? The world gyrates between glut and poverty, billions are starving, wars never end, and pollution is destroying much of the earth. And, (whisper!) population growth is exploding and must be controlled! Mankind can not be trusted to manage themselves! An Oligarchy is the only solution? - and in the process we will have to surrender our Republic!
I believe that a republican form of government is the solution to all these dangers and other countries must see this - The US was a shining example - we are no longer. We desperately need to revert to our Constitution and this will take a wise group led by a good leader, if we are to preserve America before it is too late.
Enough said (too much!)

Cheers, Ian

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