Sunday, November 29, 2009


The release of the CRU emails and data provides insight to the extent of the manipulation and downright fraud that some so-called scientists have been perpetrating in order to benefit financially from the AGW scam. The link provided above (click the post title) goes to "Fascist Soup" blog where much of the information from these emails and data is explained. If this doesn't scare you nothing will!
Our president is now heading for Copenhagen, with many other heads of state - all with the intent of implementing a global treaty, facilitated by the UN, that will legally bind the USA to follow onerous rules and costs that will substantially change the structure of the nations in the world. There is reason to believe that Obama's signature on such a treaty will be legally binding, even without ratification of congress. Nonetheless, there is little doubt that the current congress would ratify a treaty anyway making the question moot.
This will go ahead in the face of the damning evidence contained in the CRU information that Michael Mann and many other supporters of the IPCC have known that their position is false for a long time. The main stream media, with the exception of Fox and WSJ continues to hide this information from their readers, not that they amount to many readers anyway.
See other recent and relevant links. Wall Street Journal "Rigging a Climate Consensus" and TimesOnLine "Climate data dumped."

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