Thursday, December 29, 2011

We The People ...

Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious - because it is not always obvious!  We are faced with very dangerous times and the upcoming election is on the verge of being lost.  We must consider what we are all about.

What does Freedom mean to me?  It is the unfettered ability to live as I want, to use the light bulbs I choose, to eat what I want. To keep the fruits of my labor, to influence which part of my wealth I will give for the common good, and to decide what other causes I will support.  It is the freedom to buy a car or vehicle that I choose, regardless of the type of fuel it uses or it's size. It is the freedom to choose where and how I live. It is the freedom to express my religious beliefs and icons where and when, and if, I choose.  It is the freedom to write and read whatever I choose - without propaganda and coercion of biased news media as well as by teachers and professors in our schools and colleges. 

Only by holding information services to publish the truth - or clearly indicate their publications to be their opinions - can we be assured of supporting the right choices. To keep propaganda out of our schools especially for young people is essential, therefore my choice of school for my children is key.  Furthermore, it is my right and obligation to choose representatives that reflect my ideology and beliefs, and to hold them to their commitments.

The most common ideal expressed here is FREEDOM of CHOICE; freedom as long as we do not directly harm another and freedom not to be harmed by others. We choose to live in this country and contribute our blood, sweat and tears because America is mankind’s last best hope. This well-worn cliche is very true; elsewhere in the world people are increasingly subjugated by dictators, false prophets and “conventional wisdom”.  Increasingly, through intimidation, coercion, force, taxation, and propaganda these leaders plunge their people into crushing debt; to fill their own pockets, payoff their cronies and enslave the people. Debt is Slavery!  

The Constitution of the United States is an amazing document, wrought by very intelligent and educated men.  No other country ever adopted a legal document providing for and ensuring rights for the common man to this extent. Consequently many have never tasted the fruits of freedom and some who did are loosing their rights, as are we.  Deviating from the tried and true principles expressed and detailed in our Constitution is resulting in a loss of rights for all.  

There are those who attack this fundamental law on many fronts; it did not really guarantee equal rights for all, blacks were excluded some say.  Well, equal rights are now universal in our country, but not equal responsibilities! We now face “affirmative action” which has created a super-race with greater rights.  The vast number of whites who voted for Barak Obama say they did so because he is black.  Obama will be re-elected because these people have lower expectations of black people.  How insulting - yet true.  Herman Cain would have something to say about that!

The socialist principles which drive the current administration are popular with young educated people, black people, unions and older well-to-do white people.  They will elect Obama for another four years and the country, as we know it, will probably not survive.  There is only one possible alternative.  

Krista Branch – Remember Who We Are. 
We keep our faith. 
When there is no way out. 
When there is little hope. 
We show no doubt. 
We know the distance. 
No matter how hard. 
Remember Who We Are. 
We’ve paid a price to be free. 
Remember Who We Are. 
With our blood sweat and tears. 
Remember Who We Are.

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