Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Introduction to Cultural Marxism" by Myrtok on the Dan Carlin Common Sense blog

Most of the causes that you're labeling (for lack of a better term) as "cultural marxism" are way past the finish line and well into the process of mangling the innocent onlookers in the bleacher seats.  "Anti-male feminism" is nothing more than the aftermath of the (in my opinion) very righteous fight for women's rights.  It's just the "warriors" from that fight who refused, for whatever reason, to notice that the had already crossed the finish line and won the race.  It's people who went way beyond the logical conclusion for their cause.  They achieved "balance" and are now working to push the scales the other way.  The fight for equal rights for minorities has overshot the finish line and turned into a fight for racial affirmative action.  The fight to end discrimination against non-Christians has overshot the finish line and morphed into social disdain for Christians.

All of those changes were incredibly disruptive to the moral fabric of our nation.  Children whose parents taught them that it was immoral to marry a person of a different race were being taught something different by society.  Women whose mothers taught them that their moral duty was to make babies and act as a servant to a husband were being taught something different by society.  Economic systems which were at a comfortable equilibrium under the old system were thrown out of balance by the influx of female and minority workers (and still haven't quite found it again, in my opinion).  Social orders were upended.  None of this is to say that the changes themselves were bad.  They simply came at the price of massive disruptions to the social order, and our society is still getting bounced around by the ripples of those disruptions.  When you get knocked to your left, you probably overcompensate to the right and then continue to wobble back and forth in ever smaller movements until you've regained your balance.  We should expect to continue seeing overreactions from all sides for a few more generations until our society finally finds its equilibrium again.

When all of these cultural changes were happening, another socially disruptive force was trying to take hold in the Western World - Marxism.  The stated goal of Marxism was to overthrow the existing social order.  As just one example, a primary tenant of Marxism was to eliminate the influence of the Christian church on society and replace it with devotion to the people's government.  That situation made (and still makes) it very easy to identify people fighting against the influence of the Christian Church as Marxists.  Indeed, Marxists were very vocal and willing to get behind anti-Christians and push, but not all anti-Christians were Marxists. In fact, the majority weren't and still aren't.   A similar situation can be seen in today's gun debate.  Neo-Nazi and skinhead groups are very vocal in the fight for gun rights, and anti-gun activists commonly take advantage of that fact to portray all of their opposition as racists, when most aren't racist in the least.

Marxists shared goals with people who were fighting for most of the social changes we've seen in The U.S.A. and the rest of the Western World in the past century and a half or so.  That doesn't mean that all of those changes should be associated with nor attributed to Marxism.

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