Saturday, October 18, 2014

This post was written a year ago, still valid!

Obama lied like a snake oil salesman - and he continues to! Now he is selling his socialistic health insurance and worse yet is judgmental about what constitutes a good health insurance program that real people have chosen and paid for. If I choose to buy and drive a Dodge Dart that's my choice in a supposedly free country. I don't have to list the dozens of lies he has told, they are chronicled everywhere. And now his latest ploy is "I know nothing!"

The emperor has no clothes! Why can't so many people see that?

Americans today suffer from a huge dose of black guilt. It prevails in the Northeast and increases when you reach the west coast. Never in the history of this country have people roiled over their guilt about "what our ancestors did to blacks" as much as they do now.

That was the main reason Obama was elected, twice. The only reason this president has not been impeached is because he is black. If this had been Bush, Reagan or even Clinton he would have been facing the Senate accused of a raft of issues from obstructing congress to lying to congress!

What part of he is not an African American don't y'all understand? African Americans by definition have a deep heritage reaching back centuries from slavery through decades of discrimination. Obama's heritage is Kenyan and a white American hippie! The extent of his exposure to African Americanism is his long time pastor Jeremiah Wright. Enough Said! Stop cutting him slack on the basis of his skin color. It's insulting to African Americans.

Any president MUST be held to a higher standard! Regardless if "all politicos lie" we are committing national suicide if we simply accept this. Visit many third world and other nations where corruption and lying are accepted as normal and you will see the way the people are exploited, and the abject poverty and decline they live in. 
I will never accept the "well, they all do it" argument.